Beloved hearts, you are invited to join us for our New Earth Quantum Healing Activations and Practitioner Training.

The New Earth Quantum Healing Activations assist us to expand into New Earth, living fifth dimension and beyond. New Earth is a state of higher dimensional consciousness as well as a very physical reality as we anchor the New Earth Codes into our physical realities. It is the space within and between where our feelings of magic, Love, Presence, Oneness and much more is felt and experienced in connection to all. It is our be-ing and do-ing, as we experience ourselves as Source Light, as the open hearts in this Golden Age of Light. It is our ascension process of Soul embodiment, with our 3D human/ego aspects ascending and our Higher Selves descending. 

In the expansion of our beautiful Soul Light through and into our physical bodies as Quantum Photonic Light, we undergo very deep physical body upgrades as well as DNA activations as we shift from carbon-based to silicon, then crystalline then plasma Light. We continuously ascend, initially in consciousness and then by bringing/pulling our physical body/Light Body into New Earth, as we rewrite all from within as our Higher Selves and multidimensional Selves. And there are many of us beloved hearts, that are already living our Higher Self aspects upon this sacred earth.

Additionally, we clear the density within the physical body and lower bodies through continuous “ego deaths”. We dissolve and clear and purge, transcend and expand beyond the old cellular memories, traumas, addictions, false beliefs, and judgments. Everything that is not of the Light, all victim/persecutor consciousness, lesser than/better than consciousness, and unconscious behaviour, all comes up for reprogramming, rewriting, collapsing and dissolving, as we leave Old Earth.

This initial stage of awakening is for many very challenging beloved heart. To expand our frequency as the Light of God We Are, as Multidimensional Beings, living from our hearts, in deep trust to our Universe, requires our human/ego aspects to awaken and surrender to our Higher Light. It is the space in which the veils of illusion (amnesia) start to collapse as we shift vibrationally and move from linear to non-linear and it can also be a very confusing place. 

Quantum Healing in its simplest terms refers to our ability to connect with our Soul and Higher Selves. As Source Light, the witnessing Presence of our Beloved I Am, we draw to us all we need in any given Now moment for the next level of our Soul’s blossoming, magnificence, and Light from the Quantum Field with matching vibrational energy. Every sub-atomic particle within our Multiverse vibrations to God Consciousness through the frequency and energy of sacred geometry, sound, color, numerology, fractal geometry and the like. Distortions are experienced only upon the lower dimensions and played out through free will. 

Through the Quantum Field, we can draw upon many of these Soul aligned frequencies as we expand our frequency and Light. Apart from the many Illumined Beings of Light from On High available to assist us, there are many places we travel to, in Soul Consciousness or in our dream state, such as the Crystalline Cities of Light, Inner plane Ashrams, Schools of Learning, Healing Temples, Halls of Light, Universal Akasha and more.

Each month we will have a new Masterclass on the New Earth Quantum Healing Activations and for those interested, Practitioner Training.

Consider joining us as together we co-create our Heaven on Earth.


Anrita Melchizedek

Voices of the Light Tribe

About Anrita Melchizedek

New Earth Guide, Soul Reader, Intuitive Apothecarist,  Light Weaver, Visionary, Wayshower, Gate Keeper, Grid Keeper, and Andara Custodian.

As an Ascension Guide, Anrita draws upon the Light Codes of Highest Potentiality from within as well through the New Earth Templates in the form of sacred geometry, sound, color, and frequency, and transmits and shares these frequency codes through her Light work. Her primary gift is assisting the Light Tribe to weave their codes of potentiality and Soul expansion into their greatest expression of Service in Love through reading the collective blueprints of the I Am Avatar Consciousness, the Higher Selves of all awakened Souls.

Her greatest joy is to be of service in Love.

What others have to say about Anrita

“Beloved Anrita,
I don’t know how to thank you; It was so wonderful, deep touching; I was vibrating all over my body all the time. The love through your voice is enormous; I had wonderful dreams of Lemuria, Mu, other civilisations.
I am so grateful".

Heartfelt-love and blessings


Dearest Anrita,

This initiation was astoundingly beautiful and impactful!    I feel so honored to arrive at this sacred place, to come full circle, after such a long journey of invaluable life lessons and soul work. The love flowing in my heart for me, you, and others is palpable.
Thank you so much for all your courage and dedication, you are so uplifting and inspiring!"

Love and blessings,


“Hello Anrita
In joyous celebration of your glory and greatness i write to thank you for sharing your light with the universe. Your home on the web is one of ecstatic inspiration as you are an impressive individual whose life and work touch the purest depths of ones soul. I found everything to be illuminating and insightful. You have my respect
and admiration. By giving of yourself in such an uplifting way you benefit yourself and others. Know that you are a
transformational force. Thank you for blessing the universe
with the beauty of your true self. I wish you a journey of
awakening that serves the highest good.”


Hi Anrita,

Your work has made such a huge difference on my journey over the past year. I don’t think I’ve cried as much with anyone else’s work — deep tears of revelations, releasing of layers that carry much for humanity well beyond any particular lifetimes, remembrances of Who and What I truly Am… way way way beyond words. Goodness, though there are times, like now, where it just all seems so beyond tiring I just want to be done, somehow I feel it IS the homestretch. Your Presence and being able to attend once a month is one of the few things that has helped me keep going! So Grateful for that".

Infinite Blessings,



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